One Man’s Trash…


Rather than dig for one last idea for a story, I decided to look at other classmates stories this week.  I love seeing what my classmates come up with the little window it opens into our lives.  I think there are some good things here–even if the original poster wasn’t so sure.
The first idea was about the poster’s 20 year old car the memories it contains.  I was struck by how each previous commenter told their own story about a car–usually their first car.  Cars as inanimate objects are probably the closest “things” we have relationships with.  We spend so much time in them, they are so integral to many memories- vacations, high school (or whenever you first learned to drive), bringing home baby from the hospital, etc. I think they are also about the American dream.  In front of every house with a white Pickett fence there is a car!

The next story idea was about the different pedals that go along with playing an electric guitar.  This post very much illustrates how many technical concepts are out there that may or may not lend themselves to storifying.  This story would definetely be for a limited audience (those who play guitar), but there could be something there if the poster can find the right angle.

The final blog I looked at had this story idea about fonts.   This one could be a good one in that fonts are something most of us don’t’ give much thought to even though if you work a 9-5 you are working with them all the time.   The story could be a history of fonts/typography or best practices in using fonts.


One thought on “One Man’s Trash…

  1. I can very much relate to “coming to peace with ‘good enough.'” If I had the luxury of more time, I know I’d tinker and tinker on each assignment because I can always find something else to add/change. One thing I found myself doing with the Chaplin foley was redoing the audio because it didn’t quite match the video. Luckily, I was able to step back and realize that the bigger picture is the storytelling and finding a new story for the video clip, not about being a foley artist. Looking forward to seeing your final project, since you’ll be completing it ahead of all of us 🙂

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