The most exciting moment of my dog’s day- sound effect story


Oy. Audio editing really scares me.  Which is probably (definitely) a large part of why all these assignments are late this week.  But I digress.

For the sound effects story, I started to think of what I needed:  a scenario that didn’t need dialogue and a scenario that was “noisy” or had noises that were easily recognizable.  As my pooch snored on the floor next to my feet, I thought about all the noises my dog makes that aren’t barks- snuffles, snores, skittering claws on the hardwood.  Hence, my sound effects story:

Scene- a peaceful, quiet weekday in the ‘burbs- mid-day.  The workers are at work; young children may play in their backyard, or are perhaps taking a nap.  Zoom to one house- the cew5x house.  It is quiet, with only the dog at home to guard the castle.  Doggie likes to nap and that is what he is doing at this moment. <snoring noises>

Until!  What’s that?  He hears the familiar drone and low hum of his old foe <delivery truck>.  The brown truck who rumbles down the street and sometimes makes that shrill, loud sound happen that really drives him crazy. <brakes sqeak; dog’s paws skitter across the floor as he runs to the door; doorbell rings; dog barks; truck pulls away>

Sound credits, all from Freesound:

Here’s what my Audacity track looked like:

sound story screen shotI almost threw in the towel on this one.  I had all my sounds ready to go and just could NOT figure out Audacity.  I had been using the manual and the tutorials and it just wasn’t happening.  After much too long, I then went to the YouTube tutorials page and quickly found a video that showed me how you have to make a new track to cut and paste onto…duh.  This just goes to show that maybe I should use some “new” media for the new media class, huh?

At this point if I were more patient, I would have put more effort into layering the sounds (e.g., the doorbell ringing and dog barking should happen at the same time, not one after the other).  I will leave that for another day, however- all my audio editing powers have been used up for today!

PS- my dog kept barking when I was playing the door bell sound, so I had to finish this assignment wearing headphones.  Silly dog!


5 thoughts on “The most exciting moment of my dog’s day- sound effect story

  1. I LOVE it! This Sound Effects Story is so relateable – from the sound-asleep dog to it suddenly waking up when the delivery person arrives and the doggy snores being replaced by excited barking. Great job on choosing the tracks and assembling them into this story! I can also relate to the initial intimidation I had using Audacity. I’m glad you were able to make it work!

  2. I like all dog stories. Just so you know.

    What I imagine is that the delivery person was brining a big box of dog treats, but with all the barking, he/she ran back tot he truck and did not deliver! Ironically, my UPS driver, Jack (when you live in a small town you know them by name) drove up with a package.

    The point of this was to get you some experience in editing, and of course at first, it is all strange. Yes your audio editing is much better when you edit in tracks (see the screencast video I made for this lesson).

    I am guessing you maybe opened the sound files one at a time, and copy pasted them? The better way is to start from a blank Audacity file, and use the File/Import to bring the downloaded sound files in. Each import puts the sounds on their own track.

    • That is exactly what I did. This was one instance where my inclination to jump in without looking at the (myriad) tutorials/instructions really bit me in the ___!

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