Week 4 Summary- Say it with Flowers, er Design?


This week had me taking photos of beer at Costco and scouring 90’s movie posters for just the right one with Bruce Willis. Life is good!

First up: Design Safari.   I used wallpaper, beer, a coffee mug (of a famous WWII poster) and photos of an airport to discuss rhythm, color and dominance, form/function, and typography/minimalism.  I kept my eyes open early this week so I had a little time to take shots of things that caught my eye and edit down from there.  Looking back on how I described the items I picked, I don’t know I got it right (for instance, with the mug-minimalism, yes, but perhaps not typography).  I enjoyed doing this scavenger hunt, though and hope the next fellow blogger that flies out of Dulles takes a moment to look up when they get out of the taxi and marvel at Saarinen’s vision.

I was able to turn Friday night movie night at the cew5x house into the Four Icon challenge.  I decided to do this assignment when I was about halfway through the movie, so I jotted down some key words as the story progressed.  Three of the four icons are pretty obvious–the people who have guessed so far have got it right.  The fourth icon may be a little less obvious–but I enjoyed thinking about it while watching, and I enjoyed doing this post.  Finding the icons I was looking for was fairly easy and their simple black/white color scheme made things relatively easy to work with.  I’m interested to see what my classmates came up with.

Keeping with the cinematic theme, I decided to do a truthful movie poster.  In my original post, I talked about how the final product looked so simple even though it took me quite a while to a) decide on a movie, and b) to match the poster’s font.  If I were to go back and tweak it, I would want to see if I could somehow match the black of the poster (which is not true black) to the black of my overlay.  I could use Pixie to do that, now that I think about it.

As for story ideas, I thought about decisions–we have so much choice these days and so much information at our fingers to make decision-making easier.  So why does making decisions seem so fraught?  Perhaps there’s pressure to use all the information at our disposal?  I don’t have a clear line of sight into how that becomes a story, but it was something I struggled with this week, so thought it was worth a thought.

I enjoyed the focus on design.  I got to use my color wheel knowledge from long-ago art class in the Design Safari, got to work with icons (which are so hot right now), and use Pixlr a little more.  Like I said, life is good!



2 thoughts on “Week 4 Summary- Say it with Flowers, er Design?

  1. And so is your design work- a fantastic week for your design skills. I am impressed with your attention to detail, like thinking more about the structure at Dulles, which likely 95% of the people that pass through there never do. Some will say the best designs are ones that we do not even notice.

    I was in the Denver airport this week, and it too has an impressive structural, the peak shaped tent design is meant to match the 40+ high peaks, the 14teeners, in the state (thats what I learned from a shuttle driver who was like a talking WIkipedia).

    • Denver’s structure is pretty cool too as is the approach from the long highway to get there (also kind of like Dulles!). I don’t really like to fly that much but I love airplanes and airports…hmmm. Safe travels to the UK this week!

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