Decisions, Decisions…


Well here we are another week…and no white light, divine inspiration moments this week (so far- there are five hours left!).   Something that has been on my mind a lot this week though is decisions.  I’m making a lot of them lately and whether it’s where to grab dinner (always at the last minute, decision not helped if one is starving!), which roofer to go with to fix our leaky roof, or how to pick a day care center, they just don’t come easy–to me, at least.  I am blessed with choice–with disposable income with which to eat out, with a rainy day fund for house repairs, and with the funds to be able to put my child in day care so I can work.

But there seem to be too many choices!  And with the internet and all the information, reviews (both trustworthy and not- but how do you tell?), and “how to’s” out there, I don’t think it’s gotten any easier.  Could I make a “how to” a story, e.g., the story of how one actually finds and picks a day care center?  Or a roof?  Or to be less serious, say the best Lamborghini for the 1%er on a budget?



2 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions…

  1. I like reading how you are thinking on this, even if you feel like it is wheel spinning; it does help in the long run to try and discard ideas.

    One way to have fun with this might be a story where the characters make reallt important decisions with a Magic 8 ball 😉

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