One Story/Four Icons: Design Assignment


We had a Netflix movie that needed to be watched, so movie night it was.  I had read some of the assignment ideas earlier that day, and while I hadn’t intended to make the movie I watched the subject beforehand, I started to think about as I was watching and began noting words that could represent the film.

four icons

Once I settled on the four words I wanted icons for, I went to the Noun Project website and took a look around.  I finally ended up creating a pro account (worth the $10 for the month- I figure I can surely find some other icons that will come in handy) after another web search of free icons came up with nothing I wanted.  I downloaded the icons (2 of which were actually free), pasted them onto a Power Point slide, aligned them horizontally, put a box around them, and then saved a snip of it with the snipping tool on my laptop.

I’d be happy to tell you my opinion of the movie, but you have to guess!  All I will say it that the star of the movie has shared the big screen with Darryl Hannah, Elizabeth Perkins and Shelly Long (I’m making some old references here) and the film represented by the icons was nominated for an Oscar last year.


4 thoughts on “One Story/Four Icons: Design Assignment

  1. My guess is “Captain Phillips,” althought that is on my “to-be-watched” list. Since I haven’t seen the movie, the plant icon in your design assignment submission threw me off (assuming I guessed the movie correctly). Even if I guessed wrong, great job on capturing the movie in four icons!

  2. Captain Phillips was my first guess as well! I love the simplicity of this assignment and your final product. It’s interesting that you thought of the words that you wanted to represent from the film. I did this assignment and immediately thought about props and characters from the movie. I guess it goes to show you how people can approach design from multiple angles. Check out my four icon challenge and let me know if you can guess my movie. 🙂

  3. I’m glad the other students got the right guess before I tried (I am bad at this game). Your design decisions on the use of icons works so well because they all have a similar look, so it looks cohesive.

    And wow, I did not expect you to sign up, but I have to say I find the graphics on this site extremely useful (I use mostly the creative commons licensed ones).

    A winning design!

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