I see dead people–even you! Truthful movie poster


I will admit while this poster looks like it took about 4 seconds to make, it actually was more of an involved effort than first appears…First I had to think of a movie.  I looked through the past few year’s worth of Oscar winners and while I could think of a few sarcastic things to say, I wasn’t sure if I felt comfortable putting my snarky thoughts out on the blog.  Next.  I then looked up “top movie spoilers” and came upon this list.  Many of them were either films I didn’t know or seemed too obscure for me to use, but one seemed to fit the bill: “The Sixth Sense”.

Next I had to find a good image of its movie poster.  I wanted one with Bruce Willis on it, as my “truth” has to do with his character.  More searching…and found this one:

sixth senseI figured I could put my spoiler directly under the title.  I wanted to match the font though.  I used Paint to cut out the title and pasted it on a Word doc for safe keeping:

sixthsense titleFrom there, I looked through Word’s fonts and wasn’t very successful.  The closest I came was Tempus Sans:

title for blog postNot great. I went to What the Font to try to find a suitable match.  After inverting the image in Pixlr to make it easier to read, and then isolating one letter to see if that helped (like this): sixthsense title iinvert s onlythe closest font I came up with was Orion:  orionfontNot bad.  However, to actually be able to download Orion cost money, and when I tried to get it free from a website, the download prompted me to download some extra software so I bailed.  So much for having spoiler text in the title font.  How about the font below that says “Not Every Gift is a Blessing.”, however?  That looked easy enough to replicate.  I went to MS Word again and the closest font I came up with was Cambria.  See the original and the fake below:

tagline for blog spoiler2I used Power Point to create a black text box with my spoiler–that Bruce Willis’ character is just another ghost that the child sees.  I made the font grey and used the shadow effect.  From there, I used Pixlr to add a layer over the original poster and add my own tagline:

sixth sense spoilerNot as earth shattering as I thought, but I did learn some new functionality in Pixlr- got to practice more with layers and used the “free transform” button to move the tagline down to the bottom of the poster:

pixlr2I think I could have done more in terms of optimizing the layer quality and blending in the layer with the background.  I guess that’s what I will have to familiarize myself with next!



3 thoughts on “I see dead people–even you! Truthful movie poster

  1. Getting a movie poster to look as if took a few seconds is hard. Nice work detailing the difficulties of font matching. I also like the combo of PowerPoint and Pixlr mixing up the toolbox is a handy ds106 skill.

  2. You started well be finding a poster enabling you to redo the text without too much fixing of the original, that is a smart move.

    I totally like seeing the effort to do the font matching! My feeling is that you do not have to match exactly, and often a font that displays similar characteristics is good (or great) enough).

    I see Great Design 😉

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