A 3-point story for Week 3


I have to be honest–I am really struggling with coming up with ideas. My classmates have some great ideas so I know it can be done…I find myself either shooting ideas down because they are too boring or because they have already been “told”. At one point during the week I had a few ideas, wrote them down, and now can’t find them–arg!!

My pledge for the upcoming week is to think of three ideas a day and by the end of the week I should have at least one usable one, yes? and I will submit one of my rejects because it’s all I can think of at the moment.  I went to the University of Virginia- great school, great college environment. Good at the “preppy” sports like lacrosse, field hockey, crew etc.  UVA spends a lot of money on the big-ticket sports, namely football and basketball but historically that spending has not paid off in terms of championships or bowl or NCAA tournament apprearances. A few years ago UVA hired a basketball coach from Washington State- a good coach named Tony Bennett who had success there, but Washington State is a long, long way away from central Virginia and from ACC hoops. Every year Bennett has coached at Virginia, the team has gotten better, bit by bit. This year, with only 2 of the original 6 in his first recruiting class—to include another Washington state kid who came to UVA on a promise from Bennett that he would be part of something—the Cavaliers won the ACC title, the ACC tournament, and reached the sweet 16 in the NCAA tournament.

I like sports, and I like college basketball but this team this year has been the most fun I’ve ever had following a sports team. The scrappiness, enthusiasm, underdog nature of this team that most folks thought would be good but not THIS good has been really fun to watch and has brought hope back to this Cavalier fan.

There’s a few angles you could do- that of a disenchanted fan who believes again, the player who decides to go all in with an untested coach, a coach put in the national spotlight.


3 thoughts on “A 3-point story for Week 3

  1. You are definitely not alone. I actually have been attempting to come up to speed all week long. It wasn’t until Friday night after I completed a big project on Thursday, that I kind of figured out how to add an image. I guess the project stress and learning something new was hampering my creative side.

  2. Take some pressure off yourself. Even not coming up with an idea, but writing about that in a way that shows me you are thing on it, counts.

    Knowing that you have an interest in basketball is something to pay attention to. The thing about a time that rises, a player/coach that finds success– already have a story element to them. I am asking you to try and find something that lacks these elements (character, an arc, a spine shape) and experiment with what a story approach might do to increase interest or improve how it is communicated.

    Maybe it could be a mundane rule of basketball (off-sides, double dribble). Maybe its not the story of the the primary figures on a basketball team like the coach and players, but someone like the trainer or the person who does stats or cleans the lockerroom. I am not hitting great ideas either, but the thing to look for is what lacks story elements.

  3. It certainly was an exciting BBall season for the Hoos! I’m a TarHeel so I can’t share in your excitment but I’m glad you enjoyed your season.
    Since you talked a little bit earlier about the coach, I would encourage you to use the coaches angle. You could focus on the work that a coach has to put it to bringing his team together, managing the politics of athletics, etc. People feel entitled to talk about and criticize coaches – as if we have any idea the hard work they put in to making their team the best. I think the coach would have in interesting story to tell.

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