Visual Assignment: Highlighting Color


Because I like to live dangerously, I chose the very first assignment at the top of the list: Splash the Color.  I don’t know if there was an “inspiration” for this per se–my thinking was more more “how am I going to get this done?”  I remembered the name Pixlr from the opening video for this week, so off I went to their page. I also reviewed the pages of others who had done this assignment.  I wanted to use a photo I already had–I was a bit tired of skulking around my house and yard for subjects.  I also wanted to use a photo that had fairly defined shapes since I was anticipating it would be difficult to color something intricate.  So I ended up with my recent masterpiece “Apple on Rug”.  004 decoloredI got very lucky with this assignment, because under one of the first help topics on Pixlr’s help page was “Selective Coloring”.  Jackpot!  I simply followed the tutorial and voila.  The steps involve creating a duplicate layer, desaturating the color out of the top layer, and then “erasing” the top layer so the color of the apple shines through.  The video we watched on layers earlier in the week definitely helped here as I immediately understood what the tutorial was asking me to do.

It was a bit tedious as the eraser size was very small and it wasn’t until I was finished that I saw I could change the eraser size:

brush size 2I had been using “50” and it was slow going.   So I tried it again with a larger brush size and it look me about 3 minutes:

Sherlock Holmes Pub, Westminster London

Sherlock Holmes Pub, Westminster London


5 thoughts on “Visual Assignment: Highlighting Color

  1. These are beautiful. And now that you understand how yo change the color of something in the picture via layers, you can take the next step and add an element not in the original (similar principle), right?

    Remember, I am also looking for a bit of writing about the idea or meaning of the image– besides to get the assignment done. Why an apple? What does isolating it mean or suggest? Does it remind of of something or connect to something else? What went through your mind as you worked on the image.

    Also, for the second image, is that your photo or someone else’s? Again, is re-coloring the (post box?) red mean anything?

    I’m pleased to see how you figured out pow to use pixlr and share your technique. Check your tags though, the tags for this should be “VisualAssignments” “VisualAssignments340” (no space and the right number)– this makes sure your example gets attached to the assignment. I might add VisualTutorials340 because your writeup is worth having as a tutorial.

    Again, mostly, lovely editing on the images.

    • Thanks Prof. I fixed the tags so they should show up with the others. Yes, the photo of the Sherlock Holmes is a personal picture as well. If the coloring were to mean anything, it could be a way to draw attention to that object, to note something different about it. In this case unfortunately I was purely on a “hunt” for something to color and thought the post box to be a worthy victim.

  2. I would buy either of these photos from you if you were an artist selling on the side of the road. 🙂 But really how often do we see these types of photos and not realize how easy they are to create. I like how you used the other tool to create it and I think I will try to do it myself. I agree with the professor that a little backstory would have given me a little more of a connection to each one but overall I really liked them. Well done.

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