Becoming Better Photographers…


I ventured outdoors again to the wilds of my backyard–in daylight this time–for this assignment.  I also re-used my trusty living room rug as I had done initially in my scavenger hunt post.  These shots incorporate the use of contrast, close-up, and interesting angles to alter my perspective.  For the first two concepts, I was inspired by Rob Wall’s slideshare for these shots.  I attempted to use contrast of size (small vs. large) and texture (smooth vs. rough) with the rug.  First, I placed a minature house (who finally found its purpose in this assignment) on the rug and got low to the ground to give the house a sense of size (house pic 1).  But as you can see, it’s actually pretty small (house pic 2) no taller than 3 inches.

The second concept I incorporated was the close up with my two examples being the tulip and the nameless green fuzzy plant (which I think is actually a weed).  Close-ups of flowers and plants aren’t exactly new, but I appreciate how one can see the pollen inside the bloom along with the petals shiny texture.  The green plant shot was actually taken at dusk on a rainy day.  I love how the fuzzy texture of the leaves caught water droplets, almost as if it’s been wrapped in plastic or bedazzled.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The last concept if from “10 Ways to Take Stunning Portraits”, namely altering one’s perspective.  My dog doesn’t mind having his face all over the internet, so he was my subject for this one.  Usually when I take pictures of him, I’m either standing up or sitting down, angling the camera down.  For these, I laid down on the ground next to him and angled the camera slightly up.  Laying on the ground with him had a few benefits: 1) I think he was actually more comfortable with me.  He usually doesn’t like having his picture taken, but I realize now that probably has to do with my posture (leaning over him with my arms outstretched vs. just laying next to him) and 2) his “dogness” and sweet personality seemed to come out.  He has much more personality in this shots than the other photographs I have of him.

Two things stuck with me from this assignment: I attempted a lot of shots in this series (even though I only posted a few).  By taking what seemed to be the same photograph over and over again, I actually caught subtle differences every time that gave me more to choose from.  I’m usually a point and shoot, good enough style photographer and this week has showed me that taking a little more time can pay off.  I’ll also be more cognizant of angle in my shots.  By altering my perspective, the objects of the picture can be better displayed to highlight their best side, so to speak.



4 thoughts on “Becoming Better Photographers…

    • He was much more at ease when I was on his level. Usually, if I try to snap a pic of him when I am standing over him or leaning over him, he gets uncomfortable and the moment is lost. With this series, his main worry was me trying to take the tennis ball away!

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