Welcome to my home in fifteen pictures


I chose my house because it was at night and I was already in my loungewear so I wasn’t really up to venturing anywhere except my backyard (and even then that’s a little iffy at night!) The time went much faster than I thought it would- hence my trying to squeeze 20 minutes into 15 (we do everything a little bit slower in the south, right?)  I spent too much time at first trying to find the best option for each type of photo, so by the end I was rushing around like a mad woman.  The photos I liked the most were the shadow shot of the lamp- the shadow gave the photo a sense of movement and made it seem a little Jetson-ish.  I also like the pattern picture, which is our living room rug.  I liked the sense of sizse it takes on from that angle.

As for inventiveness, I liked the angle I took of the mirror in our living room- by taking it from underneath, it takes on an almost space-like appearance.  I also liked the geode among the tulips (the really dark photo).  The darkness, the shadows and the contrast in texture between soft (leaves) and hard (stone) make me think it is some alien creature or tropical slug lurking in the underbrush.

I’m interested to see what my classmates come up with!

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to my home in fifteen pictures

  1. You certainly had everything you needed at home, I’m pleased to see the attention to angles and use of light. The mirror, that is the unusual angle photo? I cannot even tell what it is! I agree, the rug shot works really well, it gives a real strong sense of depth, and even is abstract enough so it could be used as surreal landscape image.

    Bonus points for a joyful pup.

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