So long, farewell Week 2…


This week, I wrote about magical balloons, gutsy teenagers, and the lives of monks in three posts:

First, I listened and mapped a Radiolab piece that explored chance in our lives–are random events just that, or something more?  The show used sound and music to convey action and tension.   The effect was to bring the narrative alive and take the listener to the story.

Next, I watched an Audi commercial and described the action in five second increments along with elements of story in the ad–mystery, astonishment, empathy, etc.  I think I did a good job of mapping the action but fell short on the analysis portion.

Finally, I posted another project idea based upon my weekend with a bunch of guys in robes–at a monastery.  I’m not very sold on this idea, but am wrote about it anyway on the chance that it may evolve into something else that might work better.

I also got some helpful feedback on my story dissection of the fighter that left me with some things to potentially keep up and some to tweak as well as some additional thoughts on my story ideas.  Overall, the feedback was a net positive.  I know I can myself be a fairly critical reviewer of things, and I’ve really appreciated how all the comments I’ve received have been nothing but courteous and helpful.  It will be a good reminder to me to make sure I word my comments in an equally helpful way and also keep in mind that we are all learning so it’s ok if we aren’t perfect yet.  We will be by week 4, right?

I also just plain enjoyed reading other students’ entries.  Even when two of us picked the same movie to analyze- at first I was a bit incredulous, but then I appreciated the differences in our analyses and thought we both brought good things to table.  I’m glad we only HAVE to give feedback on two other blogs- otherwise, I could very easily get lost in just commenting and having discussions with other classmates!

As for how I thought I did: In this week, I am much more comfortable with WordPress, even though there are still some kinks.  For instance, I gave up on embedding a GIF (even after I did it successfully in week 1 and found this very helpful tutorial here) after I realized I was just spending too much time looking for a GIF and then getting it to load correctly when it wouldn’t add much to the story.  I’m also trying to figure out how much text is too much–and this post is probably too much–without inserting some other media to break things up.   I’m enjoying myself though; writing a blog doesn’t feel as restrictive as other written communication formats.  If I had to grade myself–and putting aside the fact that I’m writing this post two days past its due date–I think I did pretty well this week.  If I could do it over again, I’d put more thought into the analysis of the Audi ad.  I’m also promising myself to keep my eyes out for more story ideas this week–I noted things here and there but let them slip my mind.





2 thoughts on “So long, farewell Week 2…

  1. You are doing fantastic; this is only 2 weeks into a wildly different experience. I am so pleased at the way you describe the interaction with other students via comments, both on the giving and receiving.

    This summary is exactly what I like see as a summary, more than a reiteration of what you did, but thinking through it again. Too often, in school or work projects, the focus is solely on getting it completed, and we lose value of the experience of how we got there or what else it connects too. That is the reason I ask for these summaries.

    And as far as being perfect? Give up on it 😉 We are always on a path of honing this as a creative act, and you have done a lot in only 2 weeks. Text is fine.. if it is interesting! And you will get to do some with GIFs in week 4.

  2. Thank you for creating a slideshow gallery of your photoblitz safari. I am still getting to know WordPress and had not known about the gallery option. I tried it on one post but didn’t realize I had to choose “slideshow” from the dropdown list, so i ended up with a thumbnail gallery. This post made me re-look at the gallery option and that’s when I discovered the slideshow. Whew! BTW, your photos are amazing! Very creative and the dog is adorable!

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