Let’s See…What did I learn this week? Week 1 Summary


As we wrap up the first week of EDIT 572, I learned a few things.  First, don’t things until the last minute!  Second blogging is more enjoyable than I thought it would be.

I now I scrutinize every commercial  I see to determine if it has the needed elements for story.  That Bud Light commercial where they tape the guy who has the amazing night?  Definitely doesn’t pass the “but does it mean anything?” test Ira Glass talks about.

In terms of assignments, I did four main things this week (not including setting up the WordPress site):

  1. I set up my site and wrote a brief “about me” that doesn’t really tell you anything about who I am as a person and I just realized makes me sound like a complete Luddite.  But I’m a nice person, I swear!  I even have two iPhones.  Just don’t talk to me about the death of newspapers.  I’m even thinking of changing my blog title to “I don’t have a clue, but I’m learning…”
  2. I used Kurt Vonnegut’s story mapping, Pixar’s 22 rules, and the story spine concept to discuss David O. Russell’s movie “The Fighter”: http://wp.me/p4rWvT-q.  In essence, “The Fighter” is a great story that also happens to be true.  Doesn’t get much better than that.
  3. I reflected on the idea of storytelling, and then digital storytelling:  http://wp.me/p4rWvT-R.  I started out writing that I don’t think digital storytelling could really measure up to “true” storytelling, and then by the end of the post had changed my mind and decided digital media can actually enhance parts of the storytelling experience.
  4. And last, I thought of some initial ideas of topics to “storify”.  http://wp.me/p4rWvT-V.   Nothing I’m enamored with, but I’ll believe the professor and trust that it doesn’t have to be perfect now.

How did I do this week?  Putting the procrastination aside, I enjoyed this week and did my best to put sincere thought behind each of the posts.  They weren’t very whiz-bang, but I trust that I’ll get there–that’s why we are in class, right?


4 thoughts on “Let’s See…What did I learn this week? Week 1 Summary

  1. Hello CE and welcome! Your sincerity does come through to me at least. I love it when I read about people starting out with one view and then having done a little DS106 they say ‘changed my mind’. Get use to it! It is the thing I love about the course and that keeps me doing it even after I ‘finished it’ last year. You might find this interesting: http://www.edge.org/annual-question/what-have-you-changed-your-mind-about-why I changed my mind about many things since starting DS106. A big one was Audio – I was convinced I would hate it and that I would find no use for it…I am now doing a weekly show on our radio station. Go figure.

    • Thanks for the link- interesting concept and set of questions. I do think it’s a great joy to be pleasantly surprised and have your perception change!

      • I notice you are following my WP blog. Just wanted to flag up that my DS106 blog is on Tumblr: http://theds106shrink.tumblr.com In open DS106 I am the ‘DS106 Shrink’ 🙂 and the bog is: DS106 on the couch. Just thought I would mention it as there may be resources/links/ideas there that may be of use as well as more animated gifs than anyone has the right to have ( although I now have another tumblr just for my gifs…it is my thing don’t judge me:)

  2. Hey you are off to an awesome start, this is a well done summary that gives me a sense of what you did this week, and that you are stepping back to think it from beyond just the assignment level. And you are foreseeing the future in terms of looking at commercials for story elements (week 2’s assignment).

    Now you have a taste of the pace of the course, and what the work entails. There are not wrong answers here, this is all going to be a long run of practicing creativity and writing about it. I ask you to do a lot of new things only because I find people learn the most when they try something they think they cannot do (often what they say they don;t like to do). I keep the stakes low; there is no penalty of trying and not succeeding.

    And it is perfectly valid to be reluctant about working in this online space. You have no need or reason to share your life here; in fact I have had previous students create a fake character for themselves.

    But you are in great shape for doing the work in the class.

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